If you have fully comprehensive insurance and are able to produce a copy of your insurance at the time of repair, we are able to deal directly with your insurer and they will be billed instead of you.

In most cases, your insurance company will recommend you to a windscreen replacement company; however, this is only a recommendation. It is important for you to choose a company that you trust, because ultimately it is your vehicle. In addition, we may be able to save you up to £50 on your insurance excess.

To find out if your insurance applies call us on 0800 252 184 / 01245 323773.

Some insurers have begun to impose a small excess for windscreen repairs, which needs to be paid at the time of the repair.

To see if your insurance is one of these check your policy and give us a call on 0800 252 184 / 01245 323773.


Windscreen Repairs For Fully Comprehensive Insurance

If you have fully comprehensive insurance, you can produce a copy of your insurance at the time of the repair, and providing we deal with them, we will bill your insurance company directly.
Third Party Insurance?

 If your insurance is only Third party or Third party fire and theft, you will not be covered for windscreen repairs or replacements.

Insurance companies are listed below, click the orange bar to open the list, and click company logo to go their website.

If  your Insurance Company isn’t listed below, please give us call to see if we can direct bill to your insurance.